Our Club is based primarily out of the Bangor Housing Gym located at 161 Davis Road Bangor, ME and the Boys & Girls Clubhouse located at 26 Downeast Circle Bangor, ME.

Transportation for the Afterschool Program will be provided from the Downeast School to the Clubhouse via the Boys & Girls Club Bus. Children arriving from the Fairmount School should take Bus O and a staff person will meet them at the Bangor Housing gym drop-off. Transportation home is provided on the Boys & Girls Club Bus starting at 4:45pm. Children are expected to abide by the same safety policies as are provided by Cyr Bus to maintain this privilege. Any incidents will be documented and reported to parents as well as the Director of the program.

Transportation for the Teen Center will be provided from the assigned bus stops to and from the Club. However, it is not a requirement that members utilize this option. Members will be allowed to walk home at the end of the program unless otherwise instructed by a parent/guardian. If you would like to make other arrangements, please contact Hannah at 404-4524.

Teen Programming Bus Stops

Boys & Girls Club of Bangor

@ Bangor Housing

161 Davis Rd

Bangor, ME  04401


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