First Annual Spring Theater and Sewing Camp!

We are proud to announce that the Boys & Girls Club First Annual Spring Theater & Sewing Camp was a huge success!

Over the course of the week, members of the Boys & Girls Club and residents in the Bangor Housing community, came together to discover different components of theater, highlighting self-expression and creativity. Participants also learned how to create elements of sets, had fun with improv, and acted in two & four person skits. Retired teacher, Frank Booker, and Founder of Shoestring Theatre, Brian Slaven volunteered their time to co-lead the Theater Camp. Their expertise and dedication was truly a gift to the participants and their families. They hope this experience will inspire the children to continue their journey in theater.

At the end of the week, Theater participants visited the UMaine Museum of Art in Bangor. They explored the history of theater and made Greek chorus masks. Members were also given the task to explore the technical aspects of theater and were asked to sketch a set from their showcase or imagination using watercolors. Thank you to Kat Johnson, the Education Coordinator, at the museum for taking time to plan and implement these activities.

The idea for this Theater Camp originated from three members of the Boys & Girls Club's Board of Directors: Suchari Rutledge, Ed French, and Jen Khavari. It also wouldn't have been possible without the help from the teen volunteers: Danielle Barrett, Noelle Shamlian, and Hallie Rockcress, who all have theater experience and were excellent role models for the younger children.

The Sewing Camp, which took place in the Clubhouse, was run by Boys & Girls Club Board of Directors: Suchari Rutledge, Fran Loring and co-founder of Shoestring Theatre, Jamie Beck. All three ladies have several years of sewing experience and were excellent teachers to the many participants who had no prior experience or knowledge. Members learned how to use a sewing machine, sew by hand, follow a pattern and complete a project! The group made incredible double-sided pattern bags which will be donated to DHHS for children in foster care who currently have nothing to carry their belongings in.

On Friday evening, the entire week came together in a "Showcase" where the public could see what the children had been working on all week. The participants performed, "True Story by Shel Silverstein, "Where The Wild Things Are" by Maury Sendak, "Pumpkin Soup" by Helen Cooper, "Ananzi and the Moss Covered Rock," an African Folk Tale and several improv skits - "Taxi," "Puppets," "Sculpture," and "Meetings." The completed bags were put on display where the families could admire all the hard work that went into making them. All in all, a WONDERFUL celebration.

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