First Annual December Raffle Calendar

This is our "December Raffle Calendar" loaded with a variety of prizes and items available to WIN!

How does this work?

For the first three weeks of December (excluding weekends), we will be selecting a name (an entry) to win the prize listed on the calendar for the day! Winners will be contacted via phone number on the day they win and will be announced on our Facebook Page, “The Boys & Girls Club of Bangor.”

100% of the proceeds will benefit the Boys & Girls Club of Bangor.

How can you enter your name?

1) Members of the Club will be selling "entries" for the next two weeks. They have sign-up sheets and can take cash or checks made out to "The Boys & Girls Club of Bangor." The child who sells the most entries by November 30th will win a $30 Visa gift card to use as they wish.


2) Entries can be purchased through our PayPal link,

ONE entry will place your name in the drawing ONCE.

Entries aren't accepted for a specific day, only the entire calendar.

People may purchase an unlimited amount of entries.

What are the prices?

  • $5 per entry, or

  • $20 for five (buy four, get one free).


  • Payments are due upon purchase of entries.

  • There are no refunds for purchases of entries.

  • There are no returns or trading-in of prizes.

  • If your name is selected and we call you, you have 48 hours to call us back and claim your prize. After the 48 hours, we will select another name.

  • Questions or concerns? Call the Clubhouse at 404-4524.

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