The majority of the youth served by the Boys & Girls Club of Bangor live in the city’s public housing neighborhood.  Frequently, youth who live in public housing lack sufficient opportunities and services which are often available to other boys and girls.  Additionally higher levels of poverty and family, economic, and social stress lessen the likelihood that they will receive the encouragement, support, and assistance they need to succeed in life. 


Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) is a national non-profit youth organization comprising more than 4,000 clubs that help over 4.8 million children connect with opportunities for personal growth and achievement. BGCA is the only nationwide youth-serving organization with a primary mission of service to girls and boys from disadvantaged circumstances.  Through club involvement, young people respond to the many opportunities to establish new and meaningful relationships and to pursue constructive activities in the surrounding community previously unknown and/or inaccessible to them. With the support of our community, the Boys & Girls Club of Bangor provides hope and opportunity to over 150 youth each year.  


Boys & Girls Club of Bangor

@ Bangor Housing

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