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The world is complicated. 
Helping kids is simple. 

At the Boys & Girls Club of Bangor, we are dedicated to providing a safe environment for young minds to flourish during non-school hours. Our core program areas offer activities designed to foster physical, emotional, social, and cultural competencies, building resilience in youth and teens. Our ultimate goal is to see every Club member graduate high school on time, equipped with essential life skills and a plan for the future. 

Please consider making a donation. The children of our community deserve a safe, nurturing space to thrive. They are the future, and your support can make a lasting difference. 

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Your contribution matters: 

  • $20 ensures a healthy snack every day after school for one child 

  • $60 provides an hour of mentorship for six children 

  • $80 supports eight hours of leadership training for a young person 

  • $110 covers a month of hot meals for a child

Your gift not only provides meals, mentors, and safe spaces but equips children with the tools they need to confidently face the world. 

The Club Matters: 

Strong academic outcomes are strongly linked to student mindset and expectations. The Club instills a sense of competence, belonging, and purpose. 

  • 85% of Club members feel optimisic about their future 

  • 75% of Club youth and 80% of Club teens aspire to attend college 

Young people need a safe, non-judgmental adult to approach about tough topics. The Club prioritizes mentorship and supportive relationships.

  • 90% of members have a trusted adult at the Club 

  • 93% of members believe the adults at Club foresee their success 

The Club is committed to creating safe spaces where youth thrive. 

  • 92% of Club members feel safe from harm at the Club 

  • 90% feel safe being themselves 

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